Webly Opencart
Easy administration
User friendly

Opencart is a platform for building online stores, with a modern design, which are made in such a way that they work ideally on devices such as mobile phones and tablets (responsive templates). They have the ability to use all the new techniques and tools for building an eshop. Also the user interface offers many options that greatly enhance the online shopping experience.

  • Banner ads management (per language & different links per language)
  • Management of categories-subcategories (tree-style)
  • Aggregate page & product development with full description
  • Dynamic registration of products with automated “cropping” of the photo during import
  • Ability to enter/edit text with options, font, bold, link in category text
  • Search for products with title-code
  • Ability for a product to belong to more than one category
  • Creation and usage of coupon codes for customer discounts
  • Ability for pop-up window manager for promotions (coupons-discounts on products) per page
  • Ability to create discounts with countdown
  • Suggested products
  • Related products
  • Possibility of multiple options/filters in products such as colors, numbers, etc.
  • Possibility for uploading files-Video-Pdf-word-excel in the categories or products (eg technical characteristics – guides)
  • Ability to register and search for manufacturers
  • Wish list for customers to store products for future use
  • Possibility for a product comparison system
  • Footer on the website with general information -map- contact
  • Ability to search for products that contain the word that the user is looking for when filling in the letters
  • Create a watermark of your brand for automatic insertion in every product image that goes up on the site.
  • Ability to create unlimited search filters by product category for easier product finding.
  • Mass discounts per category with percentage or value at the initial price.
  • Possibility to combine a package with products with a better price.
  • Shipping costs calculation by weight
  • Shipping costs calculation per weight Per prefecture manageable by the customer
  • Shipping costs per weight fully manageable by the customer per
    area (data entry is done by the customer)
  • Possibility for combined product options
  • A.) with a different stock between them e.g. size L color red stock 3 size L color black stock 0
    B.) It is possible for each combination of options to have a different product code – description – image (basic image and extra image)
  • Ability to quickly and massively manage all product fields or select specific ones in a management table
  • Wholesale price management system with login and registration control with group of customers – different retail, wholesale price.
  • Selection system for which products will appear in each group (eg wholesale-retail). If a category in 1 Group of customers does not have products will not be displayed.
  • Price alert: possibility in the e-shop to inform its members about the changes in the prices made by the site administrator in the products that interest them.
  • Blog (articles for news & discussions of the store).
  • Support form.
  • Installation & configuration of mobile marketing application. Sending messages to mobiles through the management application.
  • Partner network with dots on Google Maps and searchable by country and region.
  • Install & configure newsletter application (enter as many emails as you want in groups & send to all). It is possible to set the date & time you want them to be sent. You receive statistics on how many you sent, how many received it & how many were opened.
    This tool has a charge on hosting.
  • Creation of discount coupons with discount (on the total order – on the product – with duration etc).
  • Possibility of gift certificates from the user through the site with predetermined amounts from the administrator.
  • Reward points system per product purchase.
  • Customer wish list display system with the ability to send e-mail with a discount on the specific products he has selected.
  • Specialized tool for reporting-statistics of sales-customers with the ability to export data in various file formats (xls – csv – pdf).
  • Design and installation of a template in the Newsletter application.
  • Introduction of the entire e-shop in the facebook page with all the possibilities of the e-shop active in facebook (eg product purchase, product search).
  • Ability to login to order form with facebook or Google details.

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