If you have already registered a domain and you want us to transfer it under Webly’s management then we will need the authorization code of the name.

What is the authorization code?
It is the “key” of each domain so that only the domain owner can manage it.

How do you get it?
You can request it in writing from your current provider and they are obliged to give it to you.

Do not have contact with your current provider?
• For .cz domain, do a search on nic.cz and it will show you the contact details of the current provider.
• For .com do a whois.com search and it also shows you the details of the current provider.
The same goes for the other suffixes with minor exceptions.

Note: For any domain extension you request the authorization code you should ask to change the contact e-mail associated with the domain with an existing e-mail of yours  because some providers ask for confirmation of any change.
Particularity .com domain’s must be in “unlocked” mode in order to complete the transfer, otherwise the transfer is canceled.

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