Website design and development by Webly means high level services, always at a reasonable cost and always guided by the return on investment for our customer.

The construction of websites goes through a specific process in Webly in order to achieve:
Well-designed and functional websites that make the browsing experience enjoyable and easy even for the most inexperienced internet users.
Properly promoted websites in search engines – mainly google which holds about 90% of searches – on social media sites such as facebook as well as known directories.
If the content of your website includes a corporate and products/services presentation of your company, then you need a website with an impressive design and easy-to-use navigation menu.

If the goal is to build e-commerce website then the whole user experience should be done with easy and understandable steps. In the construction of websites we must think as a user – customer, and take care of the whole process: from the moment that you search for a product, adding the product to the shopping cart, calculating shipping costs, payment in multiple ways, check out . The whole experience should be easy for everyone in order to maximize eshop sales.

We must not forget that any malfunction or poor architecture in the construction of websites discourages the visitors from continuing to navigate and may not return to the website again or the online store resulting in a drop in traffic and therefore drop in indirect or direct sales.

Trust a company that specializes in many years of successful web design, to offer you immediate and effective solutions. Let us create your website at a competitive cost.

Contact us to offer you what you really need for your online presence.

Presentation websites with Webly

Presentation websites

By presentation site we mean sites that do not have online purchases.

Presentation sites focus mainly on the visual part and aim to present your corporate identity, your products and your services in the web space.

The experienced team of Webly aims to satisfy you in the visual part while taking care to offer a site that is fully functional, fast and covers the latest SEO techniques.

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